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Auto Locksmith Liverpool

Auto Locksmith Liverpool is a business operated by family. This company provides expert and quick locksmith services to the Liverpool area.

Right from the beginning we at Auto Locksmith Liverpool ensured that the below basic steps were followed -

Experienced staff - Car Locksmith Liverpool employs locksmiths who have the expertise and knowledge to understand a customer’s issue and provide the correct service. This is a crucial aspect as customers do not speak in technical terms and use everyday terminology. in addition we have well-equipped response vehicles - Auto Locksmith Liverpool always ensures that the response vehicles used daily are fully stocked and dealt with emergency. The attention paid to this aspect ensures that no customer is left stranded because the attending locksmith does not have the tools to do the job.

No employees with police records - Auto Locksmith Liverpool does an extensive screening of all their employees and any individual with a police record is not employed. This is done to put customers at rest that their car is in safe hands.

Round the clock help - Auto Locksmiths Liverpool understands at the start that car trouble can occur at any time of the day and on all days of the year. Keeping this in mind, they offer support all of twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week and all days of the year.

Short turnaround time - Car Locksmiths Liverpool understands that all car complaints have to be resolved immediately as the customer may be stranded in middle of traffic or in unpleasant weather conditions. Hence, the response time is approximately thirty minutes. In addition, the attending technician keeps in touch with the customer so that the customer knows exactly when the technician will reach.

On the spot repair - Most locksmith services insist on towing the vehicle and repairing it in a garage. However, the locksmiths employed with Auto Locksmiths Liverpool repairs the car at the place where it has broken down. This is done to save the customer time and money.

Once we have the basics in place, Car Locksmith Liverpool then focuses on the actual call to ensure that the correct solutions are offered to the customer

Locksmiths manning the phone lines – Emergency Auto Locksmiths has actual locksmiths manning the customer service numbers rather than a call centre executive reading from a manual. Therefore, customers know that the person at the other end can understand their situation.

Understanding and providing correct information - The personnel operating our phones are experienced enough to decipher the root cause of the problem. This helps inform the customer about the root cause of the problem and the service that can fix this problem.

Costing - Once the service is indentified, he/she is informed about the details of the service and they are then provided the cost of the service. The costing is provided in a quotation format so that no charges are hidden from the customer.

No commitment quotations - All quotations given by Auto Locksmith Liverpool come with a guarantee that the customer can choose not to go with our service after getting the quotation. This means that customers can get an idea of the costing without any pressure to accept the quotation.

The various emergency auto locksmith services offered by us at Auto Locksmith Liverpool are as below-

  • Broken Key - This service is used to create duplicate keys when the actual key is broken. The locksmith uses the broken key as a template to produce a duplicate key.
  • Lost/Misplaced Key - More often than not, car owners lose or misplace their car keys. In such cases, since there is no template, the technician makes a duplicate key by examining the lock. This may include removing the lock that would need the owner’s permission.
  • Transponder Reprogramming - Our locksmiths are equipped with the technology to reprogram the transponder. They have the knowledge and experience in how to put the car into the programming mode and thus reprogram the transponder.
  • Ignition Barrel repair - In cases where the ignition barrel seizes us, the technician can repair the barrel either by removing the barrel or by keeping the barrel intact.
  • Lock repair - This is another scenario where the technician can conduct the repair while the lock is in the car or by removing the entire locking mechanism.
  • Emergency Car Opening - If under any circumstance the owner needs to have the car opened by overriding the anti-theft features, the technician again takes the owner’s permission before breaking the car lock.

All technicians employed by Auto Locksmith Liverpool ensure that the owner is present during any repair. We verify the credentials by checking the driver’s license and the insurance and registration of the car.

Therefore, the next time you need any of the above service, reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you.


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