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Car Key Programming

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Car Key Programming

The modern car key has a lot of technology packed into it. Compare the functions done by your Television remote and your car key. You will notice that both function in a similar manner. The Television remote allows you to control every function of the modern television set. You can change the frequency, store your favorite channels etc. Similarly, your car key allows you to control your car from a distance.

Your key has a small chip called as the transponder. This chip controls every aspect of your car. You can open /close the doors activate/deactivate the car alarm and a number of other functions.

The transponder is programmed in the factory. Once the car gets fully assembled, the car is attached to a computer and all the details of the car are fed into the transponder chip. This chip has a unique signal, which is then programmed to be recognized by the car. It is this pairing, which allows the key remote to control the car.

However, any damage to the transponder or damage to the car may result in the loss of this pairing. Effectively the security measures of the car kick in if they cannot identify the signal. This is to prevent theft of the car.  If you cannot operate your car with your key and there is no physical damage to the key then you will have to locate a car key transponder reprogramming service in Liverpool.

While selecting any repair service, please ensure that you do your homework completely.

There are certain basic pieces of information needed by any car transponder reprogramming service.

Type of car - Every car manufacturer has a different programming code for their car. The year of the manufacture is also very important. This information can be found in your owner’s handbook.

Physical condition of the key - If your car does not recognize the commands sent from your key, always check for physical damage. If the actual key is damaged, then you can use your spare key or make a duplicate key. If you have to make a duplicate key, then the actual cost will include making a duplicate and reprogramming the transponder in the new key.

Once you have the above information, narrow down your search for car transponder reprogramming services in Liverpool by using the below pointers.

Expertise - Always select services that have locksmiths who can work on any car (irrespective of model and make). Always remember that an experienced hand will be able to reprogram your transponder without any issues.

Price - Eliminate any service that requires your car to be stored in a garage during the reprogramming. This only drives up the labor cost, and in addition, you will have to pay extra for the garage. Many services may charge a little more to reprogram the chip at your doorstep; however, that is a much better option.

Quick service - While searching for services, do not select services that are more than 40 minutes from your doorstep. Always select services near your locality

One final word of caution is that if you cannot locate a repair service to reprogram the chip for your specific car model, please take it directly to the manufacturer. This may seem an expensive option; however, it is the correct option.

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